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Bondo® Bumper Repair Adhesive Kit

HomeProductBondo® Bumper Repair Adhesive Kit
Bondo® Bumper Repair Adhesive Kit
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  • Durable yet flexible for automotive plastic panel repair
  • 2-part epoxy adhesive dispenses evenly from syringe container with no premixing required
  • Very versatile – makes permanent repairs as an adhesive or filler
  • Creates fully sandable and paintable surface
  • Kit contains plastic spreader and reinforced mesh for fast, easy repairs

The Bondo® Bumper Repair Kit contains everything you need to repair and restore vehicle bumpers, bumper covers and other flexible parts. The material functions as both epoxy and filler, ideal for areas where hard fillers can’t provide enough flexibility for permanent repairs. Its 2-part flexible adhesive dispenses evenly with no premixing. The kit contains reinforced mesh and plastic spreader.

Professional Results in a Do-It-Yourself Kit
Bondo® Bumper Repair Adhesive Kit is so easy to use, you can do it yourself and get professional-looking results. The kit includes a single-use syringe dispenser containing equal parts epoxy and hardener. Just press down on the plunger, and the 2-part material mixes accurately as it dispenses from the syringe — no premixing required. This epoxy applies directly to rips and cracks in flexible auto parts such as bumpers and bumper covers, with a working time of only 6 minutes for fast, easy repair and restoration. For filling larger holes, the versatile formula works as a filler; simply apply the paste into the hole using the included reinforced mesh and spreader.

The material forms durable, permanent repairs that hold up to sanding and readily accept paint. Yet it stays flexible, matching the original functionality of bumpers and other semi-rigid plastic auto panels.

Durable, Flexible and Permanent Auto Body Repairs
This kit bears the trusted Bondo brand name and contains the science of 3M. You get all the components for professional quality repairs in a kit that’s fast and easy to use all the way through the process. From its fast working and cure times to its durable yet flexible bond that’s sandable and paintable, the Bondo® Bumper Repair Adhesive Kit is another way that 3M makes vehicle repairs better, faster and more economical.



Adhesive Type 2 Part Epoxy
Brand Bondo®
Case Quantity 6 Kits per Case
Color Black
Consistency Paste
Container Type Tube
Cure Time 5-10 Minutes
Handling Time 1-4 Minutes
Number per Inner 1 Kit
Volume 0.34 Fluid Ounce
Work Time 30-60 Seconds

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