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3M 05776 Hook It Pad 6″

HomeProduct3M 05776 Hook It Pad 6″
3M 05776 Hook It Pad 6″
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Sand automobile surfaces easily with the 3M Hookit 6″ Disc Pad. The tapered edge makes sanding on contoured surfaces effortless, whether at high or low speeds. The foam body is tough and long lasting. A medium density foam construction offers the support and flexibility necessary for improved finishing and a durable performance. This disc pad caters to a range of automobile refinishing projects. This disc pad comes with a Hookit attachment system for use with Hookit abrasive discs, for enhanced life of the discs and pads and faster change-outs.

The edges are tapered from 15 degrees to 45 degrees to make sanding on flat or contoured surfaces simple. The 3M Hookit 6″ Disc Pad is designed to save time and money on certain auto body projects such as paint stripping, primer sanding, shaping plastic filler, and low-speed grinding and polishing.


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