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About Us

JEYRHO was founded in 2003 with one single mission in mind; to offer customers adhesive tape products which solve problems and improve the manufacturing process. More than often this means selecting non-standard adhesive formulations which are not offered by the general tape distributors.

3M Authorized Distributor.

Our main partner is 3M and we are authorized distributors in Kenya in THREE divisions as follows:

  • 3M Industrial Adhesives and Speciality Tapes-Entire product Line
  • 3M Building and Commercial Care Division-Entire Product Line
  • 3M Automotive AfterMarket Division-Entire Product Line

3M designs and manufactures a comprehensive line of products that can address your diverse applications. Widely recognized for innovation, reliability, and global corporate strength, 3M has the products to meet your need.  Our main aim is to develop and offer custom made products to match very specific requirements.

This specialization in individual customer application has always set us apart as a unique supplier in the industries we serve. Customer and solution driven is what we are all about.

Whether you find that your requirements are no longer being met by standard products or if you are looking to improve your bonding or assembly process in terms of speed and efficiency, we have much to offer you.

We are known by our customers to be swift in responding to inquiries, followed up by short lead times and on-time deliveries.

As a supplier of specialty and high end materials for demanding and critical applications we understand the importance of continuity in a manufacturing process. To be able to respond almost immediately to customer orders we maintain stock at our Central Warehouse in Nairobi-Kenya of most products we offer.

We specialize in sourcing adhesive tape products and laminates which are quite unique. You may not have the time to do an extensive search for a particular adhesive tape and if you finally do locate a manufacturer, more often the minimum order quantities are far too high for your needs. In these cases please consult us. Thanks to our expertise in our field and our vast network of manufacturers and wholesalers we can save you valuable time and money by bringing these products very conveniently right to your doorstep.


Whether you are a small manufacturing facility or a large multinational company, day in and day out consistent and timely supplies are required to maintain a continuous manufacturing process. However, keeping track of your supplies and especially having to deal with late deliveries is a very time consuming and costly experience. JEYRHO offers reliability you can really count on. Business success is just partly determined by finding new markets for your products, it is mostly depending on your raw materials arriving on time!