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Safety Walk Mats

3M™ Clean-Walk Framed & Unframed Mats

Chemical Cleaners

3M™ Clean-Walk Mats feature a non-skid plastic base with a pad comprised of a multi-sheeted adhesive system that removes dirt and contaminants from shoe soles, wheels and other passing objects on contact. The pad offers 60 removable adhesive polyethylene sheets that lock dirt in place until discarded.

Clean-Walk Unframed Mats: Benefits

  • Acrylic adhesive securely adheres mat to smooth floor surfaces such as concrete and resists adhesive transfer when removed.
  • Adhesive sheets hold dirt securely until discarded to help provide a cleaner work environment.
  • Individually tabbed and numbered sheets remove quickly and easily, exposing a clean sheet ready for immediate use.
  • Numbered sheets help ensure one sheet removal and identify the number of remaining applications.
  • Low profile construction reduces the risk of workers tripping and allows free movement of foot or wheel traffic.
  • Unlike beveled edged products, edge remains clean during use.
  • Helps extend the life of floor and carpeted surfaces by reducing the amount of contamination caused by foot traffic.
  • Packed 4 mats per case and sealed in a protective wrap to help keep mats clean until use.